Cobia hunt: a fish tale

From left are Lin Spears, Wes Werling, Capt. Garland Edwards and Capt. Bob Reed.

On Wednesday, June 28, Capt. Garland Edwards set up a “cobia hunt.”

“Cobia are a powerful, abusive beast,” said Capt. Bob Reed as he relayed the “tale.”

Capt. Edwards set out from his dock on the Great Wicomico River with a goal of capturing a huge cobia with fresh chum, eels, spot and fresh menhaden for bait. The crewLin Spears, Wes Werling, Capt. Edwards and Capt. Reed—was well prepared to land a big one.

Capt. Edwards motored to a hot spot east of the marshes and prepared to lure a huge cobia to the boat, continued Capt. Reed.

After an anxious wait, the rear portside rod and reel took off as a huge cobia grabbed the eel. Spears grabbed the rod. Following a fierce fight, the cobia was netted by Capt. Edwards and put into the cooler. He and the crew looked forward to a wonderful dinner that evening.

The powerful cobia weighed 50 pounds and measured 49 inches.