‘Color the Lion’ winners announced

From left are (front row) Isiah Brunt, Makayla Nelson, De’Avion Lucas and Scarlet Jackson; (next row) principal Michael Daddario, Kimorea Taylor, Jonathan Gaines, Shawntel Sutton, Lion J.W. Sawdy and nurse Kelly Kellum.

The Lancaster County Lions Club recently announced the winners of a “Color the Lion Contest.”

“Each fall, we test the vision of almost 500 students in all the schools and the hearing of almost 400,” said vision and hearing program chairman Mike Goodman. “Our SPOT vision equipment enables us to measure seven different vision elements in a manner of seconds, without touching the student.

“However, some of our younger subjects find the process strange and sometimes unnerving,” he continued. “To help relieve these anxieties, a few years ago we began coupling the vision testing with a ‘Color the Lion Contest’ where each student is given a black-and white outline of a lion. They color these in the classroom, hand them in and a panel of teachers pick winners for each class. The winners receive prizes from the Lions Club.”

The Lions Club congratulates this year’s winners, Isiah Brunt, Makayla Nelson, De’Avion Lucas, Scarlet Jackson, Kimorea Taylor, Jonathan Gaines and Shawntel Sutton, said Goodman.