Diversity concerns raised at school board meeting

Madison White Franks

by Madison White Franks

Equity and diversity in the Lancaster school system remains a concern for District 2 school board member Kenya Moody.

At a January 8 school board meeting, Moody said the schools have not improved with equity and diversity for at least five years.

“I am the only African American on the board. I have stated for three years what was important to me, equity and diversity. We love to talk about the last administration and everything that they did wrong. The last administration had equity and diversity,” she said.

Northumberland recently went through a lawsuit between the school board and an African American man, she noted.

“In the middle of a racial warfare that community still came together,” said Moody. “I sit here at a school where 60% of our students are African American. Where the majority of the people that are failing, who are keeping us from becoming fully accredited, is because the African Americans are failing. Where the majority of our kids with discipline and behavior problems are …