Emergency measure gives school superintendent more authority

by Jackie Nunnery

KILMARNOCK—The Lancaster school board held a brief virtual meeting on April 14 to conduct regular business, approve monthly bills and adopt an emergency resolution allowing superintendent Dan Russell to act on the board’s behalf if necessary.

The resolution was adopted, 4-0-1. Cindy Clarke, Katherine Keith, Kenya Moody and Carolyn Young voted for the measure. Joan Gravatt abstained as chairman.

The resolution will allow the district to act quickly if needed, said Gravatt.

In these times, we are going to have the superintendent act for us. We will be informed, but there are decisions that may possibly have to be made immediately,” she said.

The resolution, provided by the Virginia School Boards Association, allows the school board to “adapt school division operations in response to changes in law and regulation” and “suspends policies which reflect requirements that have been waived” at the state and federal levels. Further, the superintendent is required to…[to-view-more]