Irvington evaluates zoning ordinances to ensure its historical, small town charm

by Jackie Nunnery

IRVINGTON—At the direction of the Irvington Town Council, the planning commission met January 7 to discuss the town’s zoning ordinances related to parking, the size and square footage of businesses and the height restrictions of residential buildings.

The commission voted 6-0 not to recommend any changes to parking or business zoning ordinances regarding size or square footage. Julie Harris, Tom Chapman, Steve Kimmeth, Lee Hood Capps, Albert “Tripp” Bugg and Cary Schneider all supported the measure.

Chapman noted the town’s conditional use permit (CUP), required by any business seeking to open in the town, “talks about being in concert with our vision statement and the vision statement covers fairly comprehensively the need to have continuity with our existing architecture and our small town nature.” Because of that “I would think that our CUP process covers all of those issues” without having to change…[to-view-more]