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The United States Census QuickFacts is an online tool provided by the United States Census Bureau that offers easy access to key demographic and economic data for various geographic areas in the United States. It is designed to provide quick and user-friendly access to important statistics and facts about states, counties, cities, towns, and other geographic entities.

Here are some key features and information that you can typically find on the United States Census QuickFacts:

  • Geographic Selection: You can search for data on specific geographic areas, such as states, counties, cities, towns, or ZIP codes.
  • Population Data: QuickFacts provides population figures based on the latest decennial census and estimates from the American Community Survey. This includes information about the total population, racial and ethnic composition, age distribution, and more.
  • Housing Data: Information about housing units, including the number of housing units, homeownership rates, and housing occupancy.
  • Economic Data: QuickFacts includes data related to the local economy, such as median household income, per capita income, poverty rates, and employment figures.
  • Educational Attainment: You can find information about educational attainment levels in the selected area, including the percentage of the population with different levels of education.
  • Business Data: Data related to businesses in the area, such as the number of businesses, employment by industry, and types of businesses present.
  • Comparison: QuickFacts often allows you to compare the selected area with the state and national averages, making it easy to see how a specific area compares to larger geographic entities.
  • Maps: Some versions of QuickFacts provide maps to visually represent the data and help users understand geographic distribution.
  • Data Sources: The information provided on QuickFacts is typically sourced from the U.S. Census Bureau’s extensive data collection efforts, including the decennial census, the American Community Survey, and other surveys.

QuickFacts is a valuable tool for researchers, policymakers, businesses, and individuals looking for demographic and economic data about specific areas in the United States. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, including market research, community planning, and academic studies. Users can access this tool for free on the United States Census Bureau’s website. Keep in mind that data may be updated periodically to reflect the latest available information.

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