Lancaster County Circuit Court Report

by Audrey Thomasson

LANCASTER—Judge R. Michael McKenney convened Lancaster County Circuit Court on April 13.

Brandon Michael Roberts of Lancaster is accused of felony probation violation. The case was continued to June 8 on a motion by defense.

A capias was issued for the arrest of Samantha Renee Ellis of Warsaw for failure to appear on a felony probation violation charge. Arraignment was set for May 4.

The trial of James Charles Newton of Weems on multiple charges of felony possession and distribution of controlled substances and pre-trial violations was continued to June 15.

Jonte A. Towles of Lancaster was arraigned on felony and misdemeanor probation violations. Trial was set for June 8.

The trial of Chelsea Marie Jarvis of Bohannon, charged with felony grand larceny, was continued to June 4.

The trial of Maurice Roderick Levere Jr. of Lancaster, charged with felony distribution of marijuana and disregard of a child’s safety, was continued to June 15.

Tikesha Lashell Taylor of Lancaster was given a deferred disposition on conviction for child endangerment. Review was set for October 12.

Stephen Anthony Via of Church Road withdrew his appeal on misdemeanor convictions of purchasing alcohol for minors, public intoxication and dumping trash on private property. He was fined $600 and ordered to pay court costs of $641.