Lancaster County Circuit Court Report

Jackie Nunnery

by Jackie Nunnery

LANCASTER—The Lancaster County Circuit Court convened on Friday, March 6, with the Hon. R. Michael McKenney presiding.

In the case of Patricia L. Corsey of Lancaster, who pleaded guilty to two felonies for possession of controlled substances in March 2019, supervised probation has been removed and charges have been dismissed due to health issues.

The case of Oriel P. Lee of Reedville, charged with a felony for violating terms of a 4 year 6 month suspended sentence for possession of a controlled substance, was continued to March 20 to develop a plan to address substance abuse and mental health issues.

The case of Wallace E. Rice of Lancaster, charged with a felony for violation of probation on a 4 year 10 month suspended sentence for failure to register as a sex offender, was…[to-view-more]