Lancaster planners express reluctance to rezoning waterfront industrial properties

AnnGardner Eubank

by AnnGardner Eubank

LANCASTER—The Lancaster County Planning Commission on Thursday, August 19, had a difficult time deciding whether to recommend the rezoning of two waterfront industrial properties to residential. 

H30 Investments LLC requested a zoning change for a 4.892-acre waterfront parcel at 212 Carters Cove Drive, Weems, on Carter Creek from industrial to residential.

Attorney Jim Breeden spoke to the commission on behalf of the investment group saying it would be very difficult to market the piece of property as industrial and that the demand for waterfront real estate is for residential purposes.

Planning commission chairman Ty Brent asked Breeden what the original intention of the purchase was. Breeden said it was originally thought of as an investment property, likely as a small marina, but the property owners became worried about….[to-view-more]