Lancaster’s hearing on taxes brings discussion on broadband

Jackie Nunnery

by Jackie Nunnery

LANCASTER—The Lancaster board of supervisors on Thursday, April 29, held a public hearing on the proposed tax rates for calendar year 2021, with the one proposed change being an increase in the personal property tax rate from $2.04 per $100 to as much as $3.75 per $100. This would apply to both general personal property and automobiles. All other tax rates would remain the same.

Prior to the hearing, county administrator Don Gill reminded everyone that the current personal property tax rate of $2.04 has been in place since 2007 and that “neighboring counties are already at $3.75 per $100.” He also noted that the National Automobile Dealers Association values for used cars had risen 10%. “Even if the tax rate stays the same, revenues would increase” by 10%, Gill said.

The increase was first proposed to….[to-view-more]