LHS Kinetic Storm qualifies or Tri-State robotics tourney

From left are Destiny Farrell, Tamia McLaughlin, Evelyn Allen, Elizabeth Hazell, Nathan Forrester, Tyler Green, Alexis Franklin, Robert Oliver, Lynesha Ball, Dakarai Walters, Michael Lawerence, Travis Powell Jr. and Mar’Lecia Williams.

The Lancaster High School robotics team, LHS Kinetic Storm, recently qualified to compete in the Tri-State Tournament, against teams from Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.

The robotics team competes in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) competitions, during which the robot earns points for completing certain tasks autonomously within 30 seconds and other tasks while manually controlled for two minutes, reported coach Katherine Bavuso.

Teams are randomly paired with five other teams during the competition and must rapidly strategize with people they have just met to have the two robots work together during five separate matches, each two and a half minutes long. This communication with allied teams is especially critical for the autonomous periods, because otherwise the robots could crash into each other and….[to-view-more]