Military veterans honored at RWC show

In memory
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bundy were up early in the mists of Sunday morning, November 8, to decorate veterans graves’ at Historic White Marsh Church, 11040 Mary Ball Road, Brookvale, for Veterans Day, Wednesday, November 11. Shown is the grave of Fuller L. Brent, a veteran of World War I.

IRVINGTON—Many things have changed in 2020 due to the pandemic, but one thing remains the same—Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury’s annual November tribute to its military veterans.

 Nearly 60 RWC residents served in the military, and their photos and stories will be on display for RWC residents and staff as part of an annual Veterans Wall of Honor exhibit. Collectively, these vets have given nearly 400 years of service to their country.

One of the residents featured is retired Navy Capt. John Jennings. While he never saw combat, Jennings definitely had more than a few harrowing days on duty. After attending flight school in…[to-view-more]