Missionaries to visit White Marsh Church

Historic White Marsh Church, 11040 Mary Ball Road, Brookvale, is looking forward to having Tim and Kathy Maynard as guest speakers at 11 a.m. on Sunday, March 19.

“In the afternoon, we will have a potluck dinner and a more informal time to get to know these missionaries,” said Brenda Hall, the wife of pastor Wesley Hall. “All are invited.”

Tim and Kathy Maynard live and work in Indonesia. He is an airplane mechanic with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), serving the people of Borneo. Her training as a teacher offers her many options for ministry, including teaching English to Muslim youth in their neighborhood. She enjoys her Girl’s Club and preschool Play Group. These clubs also offer cross-cultural interaction for the little Maynards. They enjoy their Indonesian friends, which encourages their Indonesian language skills, too.

The Maynards also lead a weekly Young Married Group in their home, a great opportunity to help grow and strengthen marriages within their Indonesian church.  They will be returning to Indonesia in April.

MAF operates a fleet of 53 light aircraft from 15 bases in six countries in Africa, Asia, Eurasia and Latin America. Their pilots save valuable travel time and cover seemingly impossible distances in minutes or hours compared to days by foot, road or river.

Each year, they fly over two million nautical miles to speed the work of some 600 Christian and humanitarian organizations. MAF flights support indigenous churches and local evangelists, create access to medical care, provide disaster relief and make community development projects possible … in some of the most remote places on earth.

Last year many people contributed to a KODIAK airplane in memory of missionary pilot George Boggs and his wife, Fran. This airplane will be put to work in the area of Borneo where the Maynards are currently serving.