Norris and Downing bridges now open

The Robert O. Norris Jr. Memorial Bridge on Route 3 over the Rappahannock River between Lancaster and Middlesex counties is now open to traffic.

Earlier Saturday morning, crews successfully cleared the scene of a crashed tractor-trailer. The bridge had been closed since the crash occurred on Friday morning.

Even after the crash scene was cleared, the bridge was kept closed for motorist safety until sustained winds fell below 40 mph. While sustained winds have now decreased, motorists are asked to use additional caution while crossing the bridge while the advisory is in place, especially drivers of trucks and other high profile vehicles.

The Downing Bridge is also open to vehicle traffic on Route 360 over the Rappahannock River between Warsaw and Tappahannock.

The Downing Bridge had been closed to traffic since Friday afternoon, after a tractor-trailer crashed and overturned on that bridge. Crews were able to safely begin the recovery operation around 6 a.m.Saturday morning after sustained high winds subsided to below 40 mph.