Northumberland County Circuit Court Report

AnnGardner Eubank

by AnnGardner Eubank

HEATHSVILLE—The Northumberland County Circuit Court convened for term day Tuesday, October 26, with the Hon. R. Michael McKenney presiding. 

In the case of Kevin W. Thompson of Callao, charged with felony unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, trial was continued to December 7. Thompson also is charged with two felony counts of possession of Schedule I/II drugs and pretrial revocation on a felony offense.

In the case of Daniel J. Banes of Richmond, charged with five counts of felony forgery and failure to appear on a felony offense, trial was continued to January 25, 2022.

In the case of Kiwana Y. Garcia of Heathsville, charged with felony not notifying department of change and failure to appear on a felony offense, a trial was carried over to January 25, 2022. Garcia remains a fugitive.

In the case of Carl T. Rich of Heathsville, charged with a probation violation on a felony offense, an arraignment is….[to-view-more]