Northumberland school board office to relocate to Heathsville

Megan Schiffres

by Megan Schiffres

HEATHSVILLE—For years, the Northumberland school board staff has been fighting a losing battle to keep their aging and damaged office building in one piece, but the impact of the tropical storm earlier this month abruptly made winning that battle alone impossible.

What was once a steady drip of rain from small cracks in the roof suddenly became an indoor downpour, and when the clouds cleared the next day, the school board office was still several inches deep in water and still without the capacity to repair their damaged roof.

“I am deeply concerned as the superintendent. I just worry about employee safety, and the Lottsburg office at this time has just declined to such a point that…we do try to fix it—the roof when we’re able—but it’s a major repair. It’s money each time. And every time it rains, there’s a new leak,” said Dr. Holly Wargo… [to-view-more]