Northumberland school superintendent requests emergency accommodations

Megan Schiffres

by Megan Schiffres

HEATHSVILLE—School superintendent Holly Wargo has been petitioning the Northumberland board of supervisors to replace or repair the school board offices since 2018, and last Thursday, she said damage sustained by the tropical storm earlier this month have made the building unusable.

“When you walk on the tiles, they just disintegrate under your feet. I’m very concerned about our safety at this point,” said Wargo. “The tropical storm hit last week, and slats on the school board office roof completely failed; we had one inch of water throughout the school board office. Yesterday when it started raining again, including into today, that continued.”

The roof has been in need of major restoration for years; last week, Wargo described it as beyond repair.

“Our director of facilities and maintenance, as well as the roofer, they say it’s just so old that we’re throwing money into this but they can’t fix it because it’s not capable of being fixed. At this point, they think it’s a structural problem,” Wargo said. “It’s embarrassing to talk about, actually.”

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