Northumberland solar and brewery projects are tabled

Jackie Nunnery

by Jackie Nunnery

HEATHSVILLE—Public hearings for a proposed brewery in Reedville and a proposed solar energy facility near Village were removed from the board of supervisors’ agenda last Thursday, March 11.

The brewery project has been withdrawn “indefinitely” by the owner, Cody Barnes, and applicant, Dise and Associates, said county administrator Luttrell Tadlock.

He said the solar project “was tabled by staff due to changes in the site plan and to address other environmental concerns.” The related hearing will be advertised again, said Tadlock.

During the board comment period, District 1 supervisor James Brann addressed the county’s solar ordinance, added in 2018, saying he wants it “to go back before the planning commission to be better defined. I want it to be fair to the person who wants to have the project, the citizens, the neighbors and the county.”

District 5 supervisor Ronald Jett agreed. “I think we need to give the commission some suggestions and some areas that need fine-tuning,” said Jett.

District 4 supervisor Thomas Tomlin suggested adding setbacks, definitions and decommissioning… [to-view-more]