Northumberland wants details about cable franchise agreement

Jackie Nunnery

by Jackie Nunnery

HEATHSVILLE—The Northumberland board of supervisors on December 21 called a special meeting to discuss proposed changes to Atlantic Broadband’s (ABB) franchise cable agreement with the county. The current agreement expires in February 2022.

Reviewing the new agreement submitted by ABB, District 1 supervisor James Brann wanted more detail about what is being offered to the county. “What service is being provided to the public? What are the plans? What are the fees?”

District 4 supervisor Thomas Tomlin voiced concerns about accountability. “We lost our local offices in Burgess and Kilmarnock. We need to have better access. If you do call for service, how long is it going to take? They’re not doing anything more than what they were saying the last time. We’ve got to have performance standards….[to-view-more]