Public is mum on Kilmarnock’s $4.8 million budget

by Madison White Franks

KILMARNOCK—The Kilmarnock Town Council held a public hearing Monday regarding the town’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year, but no member of the public spoke in favor or against the measure.

The budget totals $4,800,639 including the general fund, $3,043,399; water fund, $602,759; and sewer fund, $1,154,481.

The general fund portion is based on anticipated operating revenues of $2,207,034 and carryover funds totaling $836,365.

Estimated expenditures total $2,639,918, including administration, $1,017,958; public safety, $453,853; public works, $357,858; capital improvement projects, $430,000; debt service/Main Street, $155,199; debt service/Town Centre Park, $225,050; and sewer fund transfer, $403,481.

The water fund portion includes anticipated operating revenue of $420,630 and a transfer of $181,129 from the fund balance.

Estimated water fund expenditures include operations, $309,954; debt service, $58,105; and capital improvement projects, $235,000.

The sewer fund portion of the budget includes anticipated operating revenue of $751,000 and a general fund transfer of $403,481.

Estimated expenditures include operations, $266,382; and capital improvement projects, $240,000.

Anticipated tax collections include real estate, $212,000; public service corporation, $6,000; personal property, $18,000; local sales, $130,000; utility, $48,000; consumption, $10,000; bank stock, $315,000; cigarette, $115,000; lodging, $118,000; meals, $630,000; and communications, $75,000.

The budget would not require a tax rate increase…