RCC’s Faces of 50: Sarah Haynie

Sarah Haynie

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Rappahannock Community College (RCC).

RCC graduates form the backbone of the regional economy—healthcare providers, bankers, lawyers, small-business owners and trades people. It’s hard to go through a day without being served by an RCC alum in some way.

RCC’s Faces of 50 spotlights alumni, like Sarah Haynie.

Haynie has always been driven and independent. She graduated from Northumberland High School at the age of 16 with dual enrollment college credits and was eager to enroll in a four-year institution.

Haynie admits that she didn’t want to go to RCC. Her mom, however, had researched RCC and knew it would be a smart start to her daughter’s college years. She urged her to complete a two-year degree close to home.

 Once Haynie visited campus and spoke with several RCC professors, she realized the bias she held about her local community college was completely unfounded. She says, “I realized, why not live at home, gain experience…[to-view-more]