Rotary Christmas trees arriving next week

From left are (front row) Jackson Neal and Brandon Frazier; (next row) Roy Cameron, Davis Smith, Skip Ackerly, Charles Lawson, Bill Doyle, Bob Mullen, Sam Nuckols and Rich Ferro.

The Northern Neck Rotary Club erected the frame which will become the Christmas Tree display lot for its annual Christmas tree sale beginning November 24, the day after Thanksgiving. The lot is again at 63 North Main Street, Kilmarnock, and will remain open until all trees and wreaths are sold.

The Rotary lot will feature Frasier firs imported from Santa’s secret tree farm in the hills of North Carolina. The trees will be extremely fresh and very full.

“Trees from this farm have always been of exceptional quality and past buyers have been thoroughly satisfied with the quality and extremely delighted with how well the trees last throughout the entire holiday season,” said sale chairman Bob Mullen.