Sheriff’s Report 09-10-20

Lancaster County Sheriff Patrick McCranie this week reported a felony charge against an individual.

Kelly Marie abbott, A3, of Lancaster was charged August 31 with possession of a firearm by felon: nonviolent felony with 10 years.

Activity report

August 31: Staff responded to the 200 block of Cow Shed Road for a domestic assault, the 2800 block of Lara Road to check the welfare of a resident after being alerted by Social Services, and to the 300 block of Greentown Road for unauthorized use of a vehicle.

September 1: Staff responded to the 100 block of Wesley Terrace to assist Social Services, to the 100 block of Youcomico Drive for trespassers, to the 100 block of Bewdley Road for a sudden death, to the 600 block of Meyers Creek Road for the larceny of a .38 caliber revolver, to Mary Ball Road for a motorcyclist driving recklessly, to White Stone to assist the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office search for a vehicle occupied by persons wanted for an assault; and to the 200 block of Cow Shed Road for the report of a residential burglary.

September 2: Staff responded to the 9000 block of Mary Ball Road for child sexual abuse, to the 100 block of Iberis Road for a trespasser, and to a walk-in report of trespassers.

September 3: Staff responded to the Robert O. Norris Jr. Memorial Bridge for debris in the roadway, to the 300 block of Peachtree Lane for larceny of Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle decals for a license plate, to the 600 block of Millenbeck Road for vandalism of an estate sign, and to the 200 block of The Lane for a domestic assault.

September 4: Staff responded to the 300 block of White Hall Road for larceny of personal items.

September 5: Staff responded to the 100 block of Wishing Well Lane for vandalism of a vehicle, and to the 900 block of Chestnut Grove Lane for a possible burglary in progress.

September 6: Staff responded to the 2000 block of Old Salem Road to check the welfare of a child after receiving a report from a relative, to the 2000 block of Old Salem Road for reckless driving and child endangerment, to Bertrand Place for illegal dumping, to the 200 block of Richtown Road to assist the Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office with the execution of a search warrant, to the 2400 block of Merry Point Road for gunshots, to the 100 block of Hatton Avenue for a juvenile behavior issue, to the report of a stolen credit card that occurred at the 15800 block of Mary Ball Road, and to the 1000 block of White Chapel Road for a domestic disturbance.

Staff also conducted 21 traffic stops, issued six summonses, assisted five motorists, recorded a deer strike accident, handled a call for traffic control, investigated five building alarms, logged an inmate transport, received 25 E911 hang-up calls, and handled a call for animal control service.

Fire calls

The Kilmarnock and White Stone volunteer fire department responded to a fire/smoke alarm on York road.

White Stone VFD also responded to a brush fire on Coppedge Farm Road, a brush fire on Mifarm Road and to a lift assistance request on Sunset Drive.

Upper Lancaster VFD responded to a sudden death on Bewdley Road.