‘Shop Local’ during ‘Salebration Days’

Kilmarnock ‘Salebration Days’ will be held Friday and Saturday, June 11 and 12.

The town-wide sale among participating businesses “will make Kilmarnock a true shoppers’ paradise, with most shops offering multiple specials and discounts,” said Kilmarnock Museum president Carrol Lee Ashburn.

The event is sponsored by Chesapeake Bank and the Kilmarnock Museum.

“Chesapeake Bank is very pleased to participate in the Kilmarnock Salebration Days and to sponsor the $1,000 grand prize,” said Chesapeake Bank executive vice president John O’Shaugnessy. “Strong local merchants are what make our community strong and we encourage everyone to ‘Shop Local’ where the dollars you spend make a difference!”

Participating stores and restaurants also will offer….[to-view-more]