Smith Point Sea Rescue Report

Smith Point Sea Rescue vice president Jim Bullard reported crews recently responded to the following calls for assistance:

August 8: At 3:40 p.m., the captain of a 24-foot Aqua Sport walk-around power boat called from the Potomac River near Point Lookout to ask for assistance. His engine had overheated and he was dead in the water with three aboard. A crew of four boarded Rescue 2 in Callao and motored to Cornfield Harbor, Md., where they located the boat for the long tow back to Lewisetta Marina. Time on call, 3 hours

At 4:45 p.m., Rescue 3 departed from Smith Point Marina with a crew of three to pick up a 31-foot Wellcraft power cruiser with a dead engine. The crew towed the boat back to the marina for repairs. Time on call, 1 hour

August 9: At 2 p.m., the captain of a 40-foot sailboat called from Little Bay near White Stone. His rudder was broken and he was unable to steer. Rescue 1 with a crew of four departed the Sea Rescue boathouse in Reedville and ran south down the Chesapeake Bay where they found the boat with two aboard. They towed the vessel back to Jennings Boatyard for repairs. Time on call, 3.5 hours

August 12: At 8:50 a.m., the Virginia Marine Resources Commission requested that Sea Rescue remove a 27-foot sailboat that was hard aground overnight on the Fleeton sandbar. Rescue 1 with a crew of four and Rescue skiff A with a crew of two were able to run a line into the sailboat in shallow…[to-view-more]