Thomas D. Ficklin Jr.

Thomas D. Ficklin Jr.

NEW KENT—Linda, I’m sorry I had to leave you so early.

Tom will tell you his greatest accomplishments are Dorsey and Kate, but we all know he’s wrong. They were gifts from God to make him a better human. That being said, we hear way too often the names of Tommy and Emma. Tommy’s and PawPaw’s senses of humor are aligned to create a joyous mischief. Emma now single-handedly owns the secret recipe to the world’s best and lightest Belgian waffle. Kadee and Brent, I value my children’s choices that made us family.

Vocationally, Tom would tell you he spent 40 years selling tractors for White Oak Equipment Inc. and McClung-Logan Equipment Company, but what he really did was to work with customers and employees to help satisfy people’s needs; plus, playing on the big machines all day was pretty fun, too. Tom used his relationships in the VA Council of CEOs to learn more about business from high horsepower business people who are trustworthy and honest.

Tom will tell you he loved church, but he really loved people. His avocation led to a call from Southampton Baptist Church and Woodland Heights Baptist Church. It was that experience that taught him to love people in every facet of life; when they’re happy, when they’re sad, and when life is challenging.

Tom married Linda McCarty March 27, 1982, when he was just a farmer. She continued to entertain his desire to learn through two master’s, waiting to see what he would ultimately become when he finally grew up. The calling to Baptist ministry probably surprised many, including Linda.

Tom was predeceased by his grandparents, Lewson and Emma Ficklin; and father, T. Dorsey Ficklin Sr.; and his other grandparents, Harding and Lucille Lewis.

He is survived by his mother, Patricia Ficklin; his wife, Linda; his children, T. Dorsey Ficklin III (Kadee) and Kate Fleisher (Brent); and grandchildren, Tommy and Emma Ficklin; his middle brother, Dan and his children, Jarrod, Hannah Watson (William) and Grace; and his youngest brother, Mat (Tracey), his children and grandchildren, Emily (Neal), Thomas and Madison Hoar.

The visitation will be from 5-8 p.m. February 2 at Woodland Heights Baptist Church, 611 West 31st Street, Richmond. The memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. February 4 at Woodland Heights Baptist Church.

In lieu of flowers, please donate food or money to your local food pantry or the Woodland Heights Food Pantry at 611 West 31st Street, Richmond, VA 23225 or VA Hospice Center Richmond at 2235 Staples Mill Road, Suite 100, Richmond, VA 23230.

Linda, 41 years was just not enough ILYAAW.