Topping man uninjured following triplane crash

A 2019 Airdrome Aeroplane rests upended in a Topping field. The pilot walked away from the crash uninjured. Photo courtesy of Virginia State Police

by Don Richeson

TOPPING—World War I’s deadliest fighter pilot—German Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, nicknamed the “Red Baron” —was known for getting out of scrapes again and again. He downed 80 Allied planes before meeting his death in a final dogfight over the skies of France in 1918.

A Topping man piloting a replica of the Red Baron’s famed Fokker Dr.1 triplane replicated some of von Richthofen’s luck when he came away uninjured after the 2019 Airdrome Aeroplane he was flying crashed in… [to-view-more]