White Stone to revamp noise ordinance

Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi

by Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi

WHITE STONE—After receiving several complaints, the White Stone Town Council has decided to review its noise ordinance and bring it in line with Lancaster County’s.

The town’s ordinance is different from the county’s noise ordinance and is “too broad,” said town manager Patrick Frere.

He isn’t sure the ordinance even complies with the state code, Frere told council on Thursday, August 6.

“There have been a few to several noise ordinance complaints against a business in town,” he said.

Occasionally, White Stone Police Chief Cliff Dawson hasn’t been on duty when the complaint was made and the county responds, said Frere. With White Stone and the county having different ordinances, enforcement then becomes an issue

White Stone’s ordinance is broad in that it includes any loud, disturbing and unnecessary noise and does not include enforceable hours. The county ordinance designates quiet times in… [to-view-more]