Christchurch eight wins division championship

The Christchurch School football team won the VISF8L Division 1 Championship Saturday at Dinwiddie Sports Complex in Dinwiddie. 

The Seahorses defeated Virginia Episcopal of Lynchburg, 40-38, to avenge an October loss to the Bishops, 28-18, reported communications assistant Jennifer Homer. 

The team is coached by head coach Joel Jorgensen and assistant coaches John Dehm, CJ Kelly, Floyd Crouch and Jordan Wallace.

In other games during the season, the Seahorses beat Quantico, 60-0; Rappahannock County, 50-7; Covenant, 48-42; Greenbriar Christian Academy, 48-7; and Broadwater Academy, 48-6.

Seniors Keegan Slider of Farnham and Felix Koerner of Venice, Fla., have been selected to play in the annual North Carolina versus Virginia eight-man All-Star game on Sunday, November 26.