Christchurch School awards 58 diplomas

From left, head of school John E. Byers displays a huge smile as Faith Hattersley rings the Second Century Bell at Christchurch School.

Christchurch School celebrated its 100th graduation exercise on Friday, May 7, under the great red oak on Bell Tower Hill. There were 58 graduates in this Centennial Class. 

Due to COVID-19 protocols, only graduates, their families, and faculty/staff attended. The event was streamed live.

Head of school John E. Byers delivered the commencement address: 

“Does it make you special to be the 100th? To us it does, but if we want the world to notice, you as a class have to change the world so triumphantly that the whole world has to ask, ‘Where did they come from?’

 “After all, we have been strong enough, resilient enough, and confident enough to weather….[to-view-more]