Recycle instruments to support music education

Part of the Rappahannock Concert Association’s (RCA) mission is to support music education in the Northern Neck. 

Studies have established that music is an extremely important subject for all children to learn because it can lead to better brain development, reported RCA publicity chairman Nellie Landrum. In addition, it integrates with other subjects, increases human connection, and even relieves stress. 

These months when people are at home more than normal due to the coronavirus, many are taking time to declutter.  In that process, some may find musical instruments they or their children no longer want, and wonder how to usefully eliminate them from their stored possessions, said Landrum.

In support of music education, RCA invites possessors of brass, woodwind and string instruments to donate them for local band and Strings Crewe students to use as they…[to-view-more]