Shoreline Demonstration Garden offers inspiration

From left, Northern Neck Master Gardeners Barb Kauneckas, Carol Martin and Deborah Marl work at the Shoreline Demonstration Garden.

HEATHSVILLE—It is easy to develop a vision for a garden in the spring, finding new ideas and the plants that can transform that concept into reality.

As the seasons progress, the days heat up and the spring bloomers fade away, it is more difficult to bring life and color to the garden. For inspiration, maybe it is time to visit the Northern Neck Master Gardeners’ (NNMG) Shoreline Demonstration Garden at the Reedville Fishermen’s Museum, 504 Main Street, Reedville.

According to NNMG Sue Lindsey, the garden was designed to demonstrate the principles of a living shoreline using native plants.

“The plants hold the soil, stabilize….[to-view-more]