Smith Point Sea Rescue Report

Smith Point Sea Rescue editor Jim Bullard recently reported crews have responded to the following calls for assistance:

September 14:  The Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) received a 911 call from the captain of a 30-foot sailboat who reported that overnight his anchor had dragged and he was now hard aground in Mill Creek off Ingram Bay. After talking with the captain, it was agreed to wait until high tide at 3 p.m. before attempting a rescue.

Rescue 1 with a crew of three and shallow water skiff Rescue A with a crew of two were dispatched from Reedville. Working together, the two crews were able to carry a line to the sailboat that was on the shoreline. Rescue 1 was then able to spin the sailboat around and pull it into deep water. The rudder was damaged so Rescue 1 towed the sailboat to a nearby dock for repairs. Time on call: 1.5 hours.

September 15: At 5 p.m., a boater reported there was an unoccupied 21-foot Bayliner adrift near the Smith Point Light. Rescue 1 with a crew of six located the vessel that appeared to have been anchored and abandoned….[to-view-more]