Tutors help Lancaster students make progress

Jackie Nunnery

by Jackie Nunnery

KILMARNOCK—Gayle Sterrett, volunteer tutor coordinator with Lancaster schools, on September 10 reported on the volunteer tutoring program for 2018-19.

There were 63 tutors, and 55 of those had tutored the previous year.

“This year already we’ve got five new people,” said Sterrett.

On the student side, 128 students signed up for the program, 39 from the primary school, 72 from the middle school, and 15 from the high school. Most of the students, 59%, were seeking help in math, while 32% were tutored for reading, nearly 15% in both reading and math, and almost 2% wanted additional instruction in history or science.

As a result of hard work on the part of tutors and students, 70% of the LMS students who were tutored improved….