Wags & Kisses by Jill Murray


Pawsitively punny

Winter can be dreary, and sometimes it seems like spring will never come.

You may dread those chilly morning walks and feel like your furry best friend takes forever to find just the right spot to take care of business.

It can be tough to maintain your sense of humor when it is so dark at 6 p.m. it feels like it should be bedtime.

Have no fear, the days are slowly getting longer and warmer weather will soon be here. In the meantime, here are some pup-puns and a few punny jokes provided by purina.co.uk to help lighten the mood and give dog lovers something to smile about.

• It drives me mutts!

• Let me paw you a drink.

• The dog is my best fur-end.

• Don’t forget to stay paws-itive.

• Are you having a ruff day?

• Pug-get about it!

• I’ll collie you later.

• Thanks fur everything.

• This place looks fur-miliar.

• You have to be more paw-lite.

• What do you call a dog in the winter? A chili dog!

• What do you get when you cross a dog with a calculator? A best friend you can count on!

• Why can’t dogs work the TV remote? Because they always hit the paws button.

Who can resist some pooch humor? Turn that frown upside down and appreciate every day you have with your pup. Their only fault is they don’t live long enough.

Jill Murray, a certified dog trainer, operates Wags & Kisses LLC in Burgess. Contact Murray at wagsnxx@gmail.com.