Williams elected supervisor

KILMARNOCK—According to the Virginia Department of Elections as of 11 a.m. on November 8, 10,098 voters in Lancaster and Northumberland counties, roughly half of registered voters, cast a ballot in this year’s general election. Results are uncertified.


Over half of registered voters in Lancaster, some 51.38% of voters cast a ballot in the general election.

In Constitutional office races, incumbent Clerk of the Circuit Court Diane H. Mumford won reelection with 2,700 votes, 59.3%, versus Latunya A. Lee who garnered 1,846 votes, 40.54%.

Other incumbents on the ballot, Commonwealth’s Attorney Anthony G. “Tony” Spencer, Sheriff Patrick McCranie, Commissioner of the Revenue Marlon S. Savoy and Treasurer Bonnie J. Dickson, all ran unopposed and were reelected. Spencer received 3,981 votes, write-in candidates received 70; McCranie received 4,203 votes, write-in candidates, 56; Savoy received 4,136 votes, write-in candidates, 12; and Dickson received 4,195 votes, write-in candidates, 19.

For the board of supervisors and school board where Districts 2, 3 and 4 were up for election, incumbents Ernest W. Palin Jr., Jason D. Bellows and William Roosevelt Lee all ran unopposed. Palin won reelection with 282 votes, write-in candidates received 10; Bellows received 651 votes, write-in candidates, 22; and Lee received 456 votes, write-in candidates, 7.

For school board, incumbents Kenya G. Moody, Cindy Booth Clarke and Joan W. Gravatt also ran unopposed. Moody was reelected with 348 votes while write-in candidates received 15; Clarke received 229 votes, write-in candidates, 2; and Gravatt received 423 votes write-in candidates, 4.

Lewis Kendall Walker III and James A. Rowland will fill Lancaster’s two seats on the Northern Neck Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Directors, receiving 3,100 and 2,324 votes respectively. There were 48 votes for write-in candidates.

White Stone

Charles M. Brocklebank and Tad Edward Pittman both won elections to retain town council seats they were previously appointed to. Brocklebank received 61 votes, Pittman, 54 votes and write-in candidates, 2.


It was a similar turnout in Northumberland with just 51.41% of voters casting a ballot.

Districts 1,4, and 5 were up for election for both the board of supervisors and school board.

For the board of supervisors in District 5, Charles H. “Chip” Williams IV  won over Gayle H. Sterrett with 877 votes, 65.35%, versus 464 votes, 30.13%. Alfred C. Fisher Jr. will represent District 4, receiving 1,122 votes, while write-in candidates received 19 votes. District 1 incumbent James W. Brann won with 783 votes, write-in candidates received 24.

For school board, incumbent Betty B. Christopher won the race for District 4, receiving 779 votes, 64.63%, versus challenger John Amarantides, who received 405 votes, 34.12%. There were 3 write-in votes. David Curran was elected to the District 5 seat with 1,169 votes while write-in candidates received 15; and District 1 incumbent Dana Deihl O’Bier won reelection with 767 votes, write-in candidates received 29 votes.

In races for Constitutional offices, all ran unopposed. Clerk of the Circuit Court Deborah T. Bingham was reelected with 4,745 votes, write-in candidates received 38; Commonwealth’s Attorney Jane Blackwell Wrightson was reelected with 4,705 votes, write-in candidates received 31; Sheriff Johnny A. Beauchamp was reelected with 4,806 votes, write-in candidates, 57; Commissioner of the Revenue Todd E. Thomas was reelected with 4,827 votes, write-in candidates received 27; and Pamela A. “Pam” King was elected Treasurer with 4,810 votes, write-in candidates, 22.

Robert E. Pickett and Robert G. Vanlandingham will fill the two Northumberland seats on the Northern Neck Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Directors, receiving 2,707 and 3,581 votes respectively. There were 52 votes for write-in candidates.

General Assembly

At the state level, Republican Sen. Richard H. Stuart won the District 25 seat over Democrat Jolicia A. Ward, with 41,750 votes, 61.98%, versus Ward’s 25,524 votes, 37.89%. There were 89 write-in votes.

In Lancaster, Stuart received 2,839 votes, or 60.56%; Ward had 1,840 votes, or 39.25%; write ins, 9.

In Northumberland, Stuart received 3,600 votes, or 67.47%; Ward had 1,753 votes, or 32.48%; write ins 3.

For delegate, Republican Hillary Pugh Kent won the District 67 seat over Democrat John Q. Smith and Independent Richard W. Kenski. Kent received 19,203 votes, 64.91%, to Smith’s 9,750 votes, 31.78%, and Kenski’s 620 votes, 2.1%. There are 12 write-in votes.

In Lancaster, Kent received 2,855 votes, or 60.65%; Smith had 1,776, or 37.73%; Kenski, 72, or 1.53%, write ins, 4.

In Northumberland, Kent received 3,583 votes, or 66.97%; Smith had, 1,660, or 31.03%; Kenski, 105, or 1.96%, write ins, 2.